Frequently Asked Questions

Classically, you might want to attend a foreign university, get ahead in your job or go abroad; but we are absolutely not fixed in this respect. Basically, we welcome anyone who takes up the challenge to learn a new language in order to communicate with the world!
We will start the year 2021 with courses in the following languages: German, French and Italian. We will then add more languages throughout the year.
From beginner to advanced, you'll find language courses for every level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2). To help you classify yourself, we have decoded the levels for you:
Our courses always start on the first working day of the month. You can always sign up for the course that starts the next month. Example: The course "June 2021 German A1.1" starts on Monday, June 7, 2021. The course "July 2021 German A1.1" starts on Monday, 5.07.2021 and so on. So in May 2021 you can enroll in either the June course or the July course. In June you can enroll for the July or August course and so on.
Johann Heermann College currently offers standard group courses (10-14 participants). In the short term we offer individual courses and from 2022 we will also offer vocabulary training, grammar training and pronunciation training courses. Our courses take place in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening or on Saturdays: Just pick the course that fits your daily schedule!
Our courses take place on our learning platform as a live stream (via Zoom) and always with your language teacher. As with an on-site language course, there are assignments that can be completed and uploaded between course times for the language teacher to correct. Missed a class? All sessions are recorded so you can make up the lesson at any time.
Most of the material is provided by us. As with an on-site language course, you only need to buy a textbook for the relevant language.
All of our teachers are native speakers or experienced or trained teachers of the language, enthusiastic and motivating. And with teaching methods that have been specially developed for online teaching. Some live abroad, bringing you the "spirit" of other countries.
All you need to participate is a laptop (notebook) or even a smartphone. For improved voice quality, a headset is an advantage.
After graduation you will receive our "JHK Certificate of Completion". Throughout the year, we offer additional opportunities to certify your degrees.
PayPal and Stripe You can conveniently pay by invoice?. Over the next few weeks, we will gradually activate more payment methods. You always pay only one month in advance. In the future, payment will also be possible via the Agentur für Arbeit or the Job Center.
One teaching day consists of four teaching units (UE) of 45 minutes each. Two teaching blocks of 90 minutes each result in a course block of 180 minutes (= one teaching day). Example: Morning and afternoon classes contain 80 units per month.evening classes contain 64 units per month, which is 16 units per week.(1 unit corresponds to 2.40€ incl. 19% VAT without Discount. With Discount 1.90€. pro unit).

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